Question #2: If I Qualify for a Permissible Transfer, What Do I need to Do?

Each transferee of a Permissible Transfer must deliver to the Trustee a written statement (letter of instruction) setting forth the details of the Permissible Transfer which shall include the following information:

  1. the name of the transferor and name(s) of the transferees;
  2. an address of each transferee;
  3. the social security number / taxpayer identification number of each transferee;
  4. a statement signed by each transferee or such transferee’s legal representative acknowledging that the Beneficial Interest in the Trust is accepted subject to the terms and conditions of the Trust Agreement;
  5. in the case of a Permissible Transferee by an Entity, a letter from a lawyer to the Entity confirming that the transfers are being made to owners of the Entity’s equity interests.

Other supporting materials need to accompany your transfer request-- for details of what to include in your transfer request package in each instance please see “What to include in your Transfer Request Package